Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas – Home Decor Tips

Whether old or new, working or not, a fireplace can be a great feature in a bedroom. Below we offer 9 bedroom fireplace design ideas to help you make the most of yours.

There’s something deliciously decadent about a fireplace in a bedroom: lying in bed and watching the gentle flicker of flames can’t help but create a restful and snug sleep space. Even if your fireplace is there simply for decorative purposes, it’s a great design feature that you can use for displaying mirrors, vases, candles or whatever takes your fancy. Take a look at inspiring ways of incorporating a fireplace, whether traditional or modern, into your bedroom.

Fireplace Restoration Service
Example of fireplaces restored by us

Restore an original fireplace

It makes sense to keep hold of period features wherever possible, for both aesthetic and financial reasons. If you have an original cast-iron Victorian or Edwardian fireplace in your bedroom that has seen better days, you might want to try your hand at restoring it.

If the surface is covered in a thick layer of paint, either get it stripped by an expert (such as ourselves) or set to with a heavy-duty stripper, such as Nitromors. Then, using a special metal polish and ultra-fine wire wool, gently buff the fireplace back to life until it looks shiny and happy once more.

Max out your mantelpiece

Even if the chimney is blocked off and you can’t have a real fire, a fireplace can still be a beautiful feature in your bedroom. Use the mantelpiece to display your favourite accessories, and top it off with a large mirror to make the whole space feel bigger.

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
Add to your mantelpiece with mirrors, ornaments and candles
Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
Add a personal spin

Add your own spin

If the style of your fireplace isn’t quite to your taste, don’t be afraid to change it. Try having a new surround and mantel installed so that it works well with the rest of your room scheme. Or it might be as simple as changing the colour of the surround with a lick of paint. If it’s a working fireplace, be sure to seek professional advice regarding which type of paint to use.

Channel minimalism

If you find an ornate hearth looks too cluttered or if it takes up too much space, you could go for a more pared-back look. You could simply opt for a plain and simple surround without a mantelpiece for a contemporary take on an old classic. Alternatively select a small sized and simply designed original combination fireplace with a cut back hearth.

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
Keeping it simple is sometimes better

Warm up with a log burner

Don’t keep the beauty of log burners restricted to the main living areas of your home – they work beautifully in the bedroom, too. Before you take the plunge, be sure you’re buying the right size and know the particular kW heat output of the model you’ve got your eye on. It’s worth seeking advice if you’re unsure.

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
A bedroom stove is always a great alternative
Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
Add a freestanding bath close to the fireplace

Combine with a bath

A great way to rev up the sense of luxury in a bedroom is to install a freestanding bath in front of a bedroom fireplace or wood-burning stove. Fill the tub with warm bubbly water and light the fire for the ultimate in relaxation. We offer a fantastic range of freestanding baths you could consider.

Light the candles

Sometimes you need do nothing more than fill your fireplace with a cluster of candles for the similar calming effect of a real fire. It’s such a simple and purse-friendly way to add a dash of homespun charm to the bedroom and enhance a pared-back hearth. We offer a great selection of candles on our website.

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
Light up a fireplace with candles instead

Go modern

Slick, pared-back bedrooms call for slick, pared-back heating solutions, and there are so many to choose from today. A slim hole carved into the wall can be fitted with a flickering electric or flueless bioethanol fire. If you’re going to be installing anything gas-related, make sure the fitter is Gas Safe registered. We offer a wide range of reproduction stoves and contemporary fires on our website.

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
The Gazco Skope 110W Outset Electric Fireplace

Keep it simple

Sometimes, a classic fireplace needs no accompaniment. Ensure it’s free from clutter or ornaments for a simple, pared-back but not too contemporary look. In this room, it fits in with the careful edit of vintage furniture to create a timeless look that won’t date. We offer a wide range of original fireplaces and surrounds for you to consider.

Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas
Original arched fireplace with surround

Tell us your ideas

Do you have a fireplace in your bedroom? Can you think of any bedroom fireplace design ideas that we missed? Let us know how you’ve styled it in the comments below.

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