New & Reclaimed Period Doors

We offer a large range of Doors in a number of different forms, conditions and styles. Please select from the options below:

Main Door Categories

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If you are not quite sure about which kind of door you are after, why not browse our entire range to try and get some ideas?

New Front Doors

We are proud to offer these new front Doors, which are built in the exact same methods of construction as the originals were.

Restored Front Doors

These restored doors are ideal for use within a number of different home styles. Add that final touch to your entrance way.

Reclaimed Doors

A slightly more affordable option, we have 100’s of reclaimed doors in stock. Choose from a range of different period styles.

New Bespoke Front Doors

Our new doors are handmade up to a size of 910mm Wide, 2134mm High and 44mm Deep.
Select your choice of timber (softwood, hardwood or oak) and panels. Stained Glass is optional and will add to the cost.

New 1930’s

Fully bespoke 1930’s Doors.

New Art Deco

Fully bespoke Art Deco Doors.

New Edwardian

Fully bespoke Edwardian Doors.

New Victorian

Fully bespoke Victorian Doors.

Restored Reclaimed Doors

Our restored reclaimed doors have been stripped of all old paints, fully repaired and renovated. The stained glass panels on display can be changed or created bespoke to your specifications. There is a lead time of around 4 weeks when ordering a reclaimed door, with a chance it could take up to 6-8 weeks during very busy times. We recommend ordering as soon as possible if you are in a rush.

Restored 1930’s

Countless homes across the UK still feature these original 1930’s designs, and many people don’t want to compromise on that timeless look.

Restored Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau movement gathered pace in the 1890s and peaked in 1910, spanning both the Victorian and the Edwardian eras.

Restored Edwardian

Edwardian Doors saw the Victorian heavy moulding and detail dropped in favour of lighter, less detailed designs. The focus was on simple elegance.

Restored Victorian

Typically Victorian period doors have a total of four panels, with the top two featuring stained glass designs.

Reclaimed Doors

These doors are available as seen, or together with our complete restoration service at an additional cost.
You can also have us add, fix or replace any glass panels with fully bespoke designs of your choosing.

Reclaimed External Doors

Pick from our selection of reclaimed external doors, which have not yet been fully restored.

Reclaimed Internal Doors

We have many reclaimed internal doors available, which have not been fully restored.

Reclaimed Double Doors

We have a limited number of reclaimed double sized doors available.

Reclaimed French Doors

We have a limited number of beautiful reclaimed french doors available.

Other Door Styles & Options

We also provide other options such as a etched glass doors, door frames and casings.

Completed Projects

Take a look at our completed door projects to get some inspiration. We can recreate anything you see, just get in touch.

Door Frames & Casings

Our door frames are available with or without Aquamac & Schlegel draught-proofing, one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy and money.

Etched Glass Doors 

These restored reclaimed doors can be purchased together with etched glass panel designs.

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