View our fantastic range of cast iron radiator finishes below. Each finish is presented on a random model design, but you can of course choose your own.

We go to extreme lengths to create unique finishes from bare metal, powder coats to crackle finishes, the possibilities are endless. You can also select some free samples of your favourite finishes, just get in touch with us and we’ll organise for a pack to be sent out to you as soon as possible.

Please note that some of the following finishes may require some preparation before paint can be applied.

Request a quote online, or call us on 0161-477-8980 to discuss the options and get a quote.

Browse the cast iron model options here.

Aged Copper

£72 Per Section

Aged Copper Finish

Exquisite antiqued copper effect creating an organic aged effect.

Aged Gold

£43.20 Per Section

Aged Gold Finish

Stunning sumptuous gold, developed in house.

Antique Copper Powder

£18 Per Section

Antique Copper Powder Coat

Deep mottled effect that subdues the bright copper tones.

Antique Gold Powder

£18 Per Section

Antique Gold Powder Coat

Mottled gold & black produce a rich hue of lustrous bronze-gold.

Antique Silver Powder

£18 Per Section

Antique Silver Powder Coat

High-relief black flecks give good contrast with the silver highlights.

Antique White

£8.40 Per Section

Antique White Finish

A lovely pale colour that will appear white in older interiors.

Ashen White

£8.40 Per Section

Ashen White Finish

A versatile medium-light grey that works very well on cast iron.

Black Nickel

£43.20 Per Section

Black Nickel Finish

Timeless Black Nickel, polished by hand to a high lustre.

Bright White

£8.40 Per Section

Bright White Finish

A clean, fresh and completely neutral white. Lends a lightness to radiator and room alike.

Bronze Gold

£8.40 Per Section

Bronze Gold Finish

A fantastic dark bronze-gold finish with a metallic lustre.

Ceramic White

£8.40 Per Section

Ceramic White Finish

A clean neutral white. Appears bright against darks or cool with lighter tones.


£8.40 Per Section

Chalk Finish

Our favourite of all the whites. A chalky lime white. Warm tone.


£7.20 Per Section

Charcoal Finish

A dark finish which is not quite black, but dark charcoal grey.

Crackle Leather

£18 Per Section

Crackle Leather Finish

Contrasting off white base & black top coat for a leather effect, with a gloss lacquer overcoat.

Crackle Marble

£18 Per Section

Crackle Marble Finish

Contrasting green base coat and white top coat for a marble effect with gloss lacquer overcoat.

Crackle Drift

£18 Per Section

Crackle Drift Finish

White base and cool grey top coat. Three stage painted finish with gloss lacquer overcoat.

Crackle Stone

£18 Per Section

Crackle Stone Finish

Contrasting off white base and warm grey top coat for a stone effect, with a gloss lacquer overcoat.

Crackle Serpentine

£18 Per Section

Crackle Serpentine Finish

Contrasting grey base & blue-green top coat for a striking effect, with a gloss lacquer overcoat.

Crackle Ashes

£18 Per Section

Crackle Ashes Finish

Three stage painted finish with gloss lacquer overcoat. Perfect for bold and daring wall colours.

Dark Grey Sparkle

£7.20 Per Section

Dark Grey Sparkle Finish

Adds depth & metallic sheen to any radiator. Catches light better than a black finish.

Etch Coated Polish

£36 Per Section

Etch Coated Polish Finish

Contrasting off white base & warm grey top coat for a stone effect, with gloss lacquer overcoat.


£8.40 Per Section

Fossil Finish

A fantastic modern grey colour together with hints of magenta.

Full Polish

£36 Per Section

Full Polish Finish

Hand polished at our HQ to a high shine and coated with a gloss lacquer for a lasting effect.

Grey Bronze

£7.20 Per Section

Grey Bronze Finish

A lovely warm grey-bronze featuring a slight metallic lustre.

Hammered Gold

£8.40 Per Section

Hammered Gold Finish

A lovely mid gold with a craquelure type hammer finish.

Highlight Polish

£36 Per Section

Highlight Polish Finish

For patterned radiators. High relief parts are hand polished, while the body is left black.

Lacquered Iron

£18 Per Section

Lacquered Iron Finish

Bare cast iron coated in a protective clear lacquer. A warm grey, natural variation of the cast.

Matt Black

£7.20 Per Section

Matt Black Finish

Matt black. Simple and bold. The most efficient finish in terms of heat output.

Mid Grey Sparkle

£7.20 Per Section

Mid Grey Sparkle Finish

Neutral grey with metallic sheen that lifts the features of the radiator.

Midnight Ink

£7.20 Per Section

Midnight Ink Finish

For patterned radiators. High relief parts are hand polished, while the body is left black.

Mirror Polish

£43.20 Per Section

Mirror Polish Finish

The highest grade of polish to achieve a surface that is mirror-like and silky smooth.

Natural Brass

£43.20 Per Section

Natural Brass Finish

Sophisticated & understated brass finish that complements ornate and school radiators alike.


£8.40 Per Section

Oatmeal Finish

Neutral grey with metallic sheen that lifts all the features.

Old Penny

£8.40 Per Section

Old Penny Finish

A fantastic deep weathered copper-bronze.

Ox Blood

£43.20 Per Section

Ox Blood Finish

Bold and striking Ox Blood, specially developed in house.

Pearl Mouse Grey

£8.40 Per Section

Pearl Mouse Grey Finish

A lovely light metallic colour with a subdued gold hue.


£7.20 Per Section

Pewter Finish

Cool grey, the cool of freshly exposed cast iron.

Sapphire Blue

£43.20 Per Section

Sapphire Blue Finish

A fantastic deep sapphire, developed in house.

Satin Polish

£32.40 Per Section

Satin Polish Finish

Bold and striking Ox Blood, specially developed in house.


£7.20 Per Section

Slate Finish

Modern lead grey that appears light, not blocky.

Soft Pewter

£7.20 Per Section

Soft Pewter Finish

A warm grey that looks great with polished brass.

Farrow & Ball Colours

£10.80 Per Section

Farrow & Ball Colours

Choose from our carefully selected range of colours for your cast iron radiator. Match your interior with genuine Farrow & Ball custom colours, the popular craftsmen of paint. There may be other colours available not listed above, be sure to get in touch if nothing suits your fancy.

Eco Friendly Little Greene Colours

£10.80 Per Section

Eco Friendly Little Greene Colours

Eco‐friendly Little Greene paint, full of definition & character.