How Our Stained Glass Panels Are Made

How Our Stained Glass Panels Are Made

Stained Glass Panel Designing

Have you ever wondered how our stained glass panels are made? Well here is a fantastic example as explained by one of our glass professionals.

1. The process first begins with drawing up a full size template of the chosen design. In this case the customer wishes to copy an existing design from an old reclaimed door.

Stained Glass Panels

2. The individual glass pieces are then cut and shaped to fit the design.

3. Leading up begins, working up from bottom left to top right, soldering the lead came as the panel progresses.

4. For larger panels (especially front doors), steel reinforcement is inserted inside the lead.

5. Once the leadwork is completed, glazing cement is applied. This both strengthens the panel as well as making it weatherproof.

6. Excess cement is cleaned up and pointed to a neat finish.

7. The panel is given a final clean with powdered chalk before an application of graphite polish.

8. The final finished window is now ready for installation. Here is the final panel in all its glory!

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