Fireplace Restoration Service

Fireplace Restoration ServiceService 1 – Stripping
Original fireplaces look fabulous when they are restored. Paint stripping is the best method and varies in price, subject to size and weight. The stripping process removes the many layers of paint and leaves a decorative casting surface.

Service 2 – Iron-Buffing
From here we can iron-buff the fireplace to remove all remaining rust, leaving a surface that can then be painted using a graphite paint which easily polishes up/ is maintained with a soft cloth.

Service 3 – Full Restoration
We can quote for a full refurbishment which includes wire buffing and then polishing using the original graphite finishes.

Fireplace Restoration Service


Small Sized Fireplace
A Fireplace of around this size would cost around £35 to £80 +VAT to strip & finish.

Medium Sized Fireplace
A Fireplace of around this size would cost around £60 +VAT to strip and then around a further £120 +VAT to fully refurbish.

Average Sized Fireplace Insert
Average sized inserts only cost around £40-45 +VAT.

Large Fireplace Frames
Combination fires and others – please ask us for an estimate/quote.

Alternative Services

We also strip most pine furniture, skirting boards, architrave, spindles – in fact almost anything else you can think of that is made of softwood. For anything not listed above or below, simply get in touch.