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Door Knobs Buying Guide – What You Need To Know

Door Knobs Buying Guide

When choosing a door knob or lockset for your home’s exterior or interior doors, it pays to have a clear understanding of the differences between various types. Door knobs sound like a straightforward item to purchase, but there are some pitfalls and things you need to know and consider before buying.

Creating That Vintage Look On Furniture

Creating That Vintage Look

It is surprisingly easy, but first you will need to assess the correct starting point for your project. How you start depends very much on whether your piece is already painted, varnished, waxed or whether you are unsure. Read our guide to learn how to proceed.

How to Care for your New Door

How to Care for your New Door

With over 35 years experience in the industry and the ability to provide customers with top quality doors, we can give you qualified advice on how to care for your doors. When ordering a glazed door (i.e stained glass panels or acid etched panel etc) the door has been fitted with sealants and putty on […]

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