Pine Furniture Stripping Service

Pine Furniture Stripping ServiceOld pine furniture strips very well in one of our chemical tanks, with the added bonus that it is cheaper than hand-stripping.

Old lead based painted furniture that has years of paint will strip very, this includes items such as tables, dressers, chest of drawers, bedside cabinets, shelving and other old pine furniture. Once stripped down of paints, it will leave a golden honey timber appearance.

Most items usually require quite a bit of work to restore it fully after the stripping is completed. For example, it may need re-glueing, general repairs, filling and hand sanding. Once this is done it can be finished off with a soft wax or oil finish, which will bring the piece back to its former glory.


It is very hard to price furniture stripping as it is so individual and so variable in size.

As an example, an average sized pine Chest of Drawers will cost around £60-£70 +VAT.

Click here to get in touch with us to discuss the item you need stripping and get an estimated cost.

Please note: Most pine furniture is Victorian / Edwardian, and generally has been painted a lot over the years. From 1970 onwards, pine furniture will have been reproduced and therefore been varnished with either cellulose or water based varnishes. These are very difficult (or impossible) to remove. All we can do is try a small part of it – for instance a chest of drawers will have a drawer. As we cant stop the process once started, it is chargeable, and we have no idea what the end result will be.

Alternative Services

We also strip most pine furniture, fireplaces, doors – in fact almost anything else you can think of that is made of softwood. For anything not listed above or below, simply get in touch.