Hardwood Stripping Service

PLEASE NOTE: Hardwood Furniture & Fireplaces do not strip well in a commercial chemical tank and should only be hand stripped.

Hardwood Hand Stripping

Fireplace Restoration ServiceHardwoods such as OAK or MAHOGANY are often valuable items, however over the years they have been painted, which devalues them considerably. When it comes to removing that paint the item should be hand stripped using the correct chemicals to do exactly that job.

These are not cheap, and to get the job right you need to be using quite a lot of them. At Period Home Style, we know exactly what is required and although this can be costly, the end result is excellent. After hand stripping the piece will once again stand up to its value.

Hand stripping items keeps the grain flat, therefore the work on the restoration is very much reduced. So although it costs much more in the first place – it is almost ready to put a polish on it straightaway.


We have no standard pricing available as each item is very unique. If you would like to use this service we request that you get in touch with us, so we can discuss what your item will need, and provide you with an estimated cost.

Please remember although this service is expensive due to the costly chemicals required and the experienced labour, the end result is stunning and there is very little further preparation required as we sand the items down after the paint / varnish has been removed. A finish will be easy to apply when this work has been done.

Alternative Services

We also strip most pine furniture, fireplaces, doors – in fact almost anything else you can think of that is made of softwood. For anything not listed above or below, simply get in touch.