Bespoke Glass Designs

Here you can browse our gallery of bespoke glass designs. We can have any design copied & reproduced to your exact specifications, including altering of its shape, size, style, pattern, and texture.

1930s Onward Designs

From the 1930’s onward Stained Glass styles were heavily influenced by the preceding styles. However one feature more unique to the era was the popularity of pictorial panels with rural or sea scenes.

Art Deco Designs

This popular style was at its peak from the mid 1920s though to the 1930s. It celebrated the modern era of travel & industry and had an optimism to it. It continues to be popular today with it’s dynamic lines & panels.

Art Nouveau Designs

This artistic style peaked in popularity from 1890 to 1905, a reaction to the more formal, geometric Victorian look. Stylized organic shapes were set into enchanting curves that gave an elegance and dynamism to the designs. This look continued well into the 1930’s.

Contemporary To Modern Day Designs

This range of stained glass designs were commissioned for display in residential settings where a contemporary or modern “feel” was required. The creative use of colour, texture and techniques can produce a dramatic effect enhancing interior space.

Traditional Designs

From Georgian, to Victorian & Edwardian, there are many traditional styles to pick from. Georgian was usually clear, with a repeated or symmetrical pattern. Victorian featured geometric, floral & organic themes. Edwardian featured coloured organic or stylized floral shapes set in a clear or pale background.

Over Head Designs

View our selection of overhead panels which are placed above entrance doorways. They can include your house number which can match what is chosen in the door.